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Free Download of The Genesis EP

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John the Baptist - The Genesis EP! CLICK HERE for FREE DOWNLOAD of John the Baptist - The Genesis EP!

Breaking News!! Bap TV is born on!

Bap TV is born on! An idea John the Baptist has been holding onto for years. "I've had this idea since my days of working with on their television section a few years ago. I felt that now is the time to release it," said John the Baptist. Bap TV will present original programming from John the Baptist's television shows as well as other christian television shows, web series, documentaries, interviews, testimonies, short films, movies, music videos and more!

John the Baptist Releases The Genesis EP! Free Download!

John the Baptist releases The Genesis EP, a collection of freestyles and original songs. This project is an introduction to John the Baptist as an artist. It includes his first freestyles, first feature, first mixes and some of which are literally his first rhymes. Thus, the beginning...The Genesis EP. Enjoy this free download from John the Bap Records!

John the Baptist Releases 1st Single from Debut Album Purpose!

Wisdom for Motivation is the first single released from John the Baptist's upcoming debut album Purpose. Written, produced, mixed and mastered by John the Baptist for John the Bap Productions. Enjoy this free download from John the Bap Records!

The Holy Hip Hop Hour Covers 2014 Kingdom Choice Awards!

On this episode we cover the 2014 Kingdom Choice Awards held in Brooklyn, NY! John the Baptist had the wonderful opportunity to interview many of the award recipients and nominees. We also captured some riveting live performances from Da' T.R.U.T.H., Gauge and others. As well as feature some of the artists' latest music videos. For more information on the 2014 Kingdom Choice Awards visit: Enjoy the show! To watch more episodes of The Holy Hip Hop Hour CLICK HERE!

Watch Bap Film Showcase

Bap Film Showcase is a new television show featuring christian short films, documentaries and compelling testimonies hosted by John the Baptist. Click Play to watch the latest episode or click on the Playlist in the top left corner to select an episode. Enjoy!

Live in Connecticut? Watch Bap Film Showcase on AT&T U-Verse Ch.99 via Hartford Public Access Television Comcast Cable Ch. 5 Thursdays at 10pm! Watch in New Haven, West Haven, and Hamden on Citizens Television (CTV) Comcast Cable Ch. 27 Wednesdays at 11pm and Sundays at 5pm!

To submit a video, please contact:
Thank you!

Watch Bap Film Showcase Official Trailer!

Watch the official Bap Film Showcase trailer! For more on Bap Film Showcase CLICK HERE!

John the Baptist Radio Show Episode 9!

CLICK HERE to Download Episode 9!

The John the Baptist Radio Show plays some of the latest and the best in christian hip hop and r&p! On this episode John the Baptist talks about his new remix project the Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP! This episode features 3 hours of new music from Lecrae, Da' T.R.U.T.H., God's Servant, Eshon Burgundy and more!
CLICK HERE for Episode 9 Playlist.

John the Baptist interviewed on Live with Queen Coletta Radio Show!

Listen to internet radio with QueenColetta on Blog Talk Radio

John the Baptist was recently interviewed by Coletta Renee on the 'Live with Queen Coletta' radio show! They discussed Christian Hip Hop, evangelism and John's upcoming project. It was a great time of fellowship and edification! Check out Queen Coletta at! Enjoy and be blessed!

Watch an I am Second Special 'The Robertsons' of Duck Dynasty

I am Second brings you a Special Edition 'The Robertsons' of Duck Dynasty! Enjoy this powerful family testimony!!

Visit I am Second at:

See more testimonies from I am Second at Testimonies on Bap TV

Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP Free Download!

Click Here for Free Download of Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP!

John the Baptist is at it again! This time releasing a remix project entitled the Gravity Baptized EP! On this project John the Baptist remixes several songs from Lecrae's groundbreaking album 'Gravity.' Enjoy this free download!

Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP Tracklisting
01. Violence (John the Baptist Remix)
02. Mayday ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Ashthon Jones (John the Baptist Remix)
03. Power Trip ft. PRo, Sho Baraka & Andy Mineo (John the Baptist Remix)
04. Gravity ft. JR (John the Baptist Remix)
05. Buttons (John the Baptist Remix)
06. Free From It All ft. Mathai (John the Baptist Remix)
07. Confe$$ions (John the Baptist Remix)
08. Walk With Me ft. Novel (John the Baptist Remix)
09. R.S.V.P.

All songs produced by John the Baptist

Click Here for Free Download of Lecrae - Gravity Baptized EP!

FREE DOWNLOAD of John the Baptist - The Watering!

CLICK HERE for John the Baptist - The Watering FREE DOWNLOAD!
(Click Cover for FREE DOWNLOAD!)

John the Baptist is a christian hip hop music producer who has worked with many talented and gifted artists nationwide. His debut producer album entitled "The Watering" is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD! The concept of the album comes from 1Cor. 3:6-7 and includes features from Young Joshua, J. Johnson, J.A.Z., Mahogany Jones, Techniq, Disciple (D.I.), D-Lo, Trevor Pope and an exciting new artist named Walk Worthy. Prepare your ears for hard hittin' east coast hip hop production and refreshing lyricism!

John the Baptist - The Watering Tracklisting
01. Intro
02. The Drama ft. J. Johnson
03. 2 Seconds ft. Disciple (D.I.)
04. Forgiveness ft. Young Joshua
05. Hear Your Voice Calling ft. J.A.Z.
06. The Watering Interlude
07. Knuckle Up ft. Techniq
08. War ft. Walk Worthy and Ebony Landrum
09. Perilous Times ft. Trevor Pope
10. Who Got Grace ft. Disciple (D.I.)
11. Jigsaw ft. Mahogany Jones and Techniq
12. Prodigal Son ft. D-Lo
13. R.S.V.P.
14. Outro

All songs produced by John the Baptist


Hot Music! Stay Humble - There Isn't Much Time Left

Stay Humble on Reverbnation

Stay Humble has just released his debut album There Isn't Much Time Left! His Christ-centered lyricism over authentic hip hop beats is a breath of fresh air! He's definitely got something special for the church and the streets! With half of the album's production coming from east coast hard hittin' producer John the Baptist, this album is sure to keep your head noddin'!

Stay Humble - There Isn't Much Time Left Tracklisting
01 Let's Go!
02 I Hate My Life (Produced by John the Baptist)
03 There Isn't Much Time Left
04 I'ma Stand feat. G Wiz
05 Where My Soldiers feat. Revelation (Produced by John the Baptist)
06 Marriage (Produced by John the Baptist)
07 Back To The Book (Produced by John the Baptist)
08 Felon (Produced by John the Baptist)
09 Wilderness (Produced by John the Baptist)
10 Get the Point
11 Sometimes feat. Calm One (Produced by John the Baptist)
12 Keep Movin' (Produced by John the Baptist)
13 Almost Outro
14 Ride
15 Ephesians Talk (Unplugged) [Bonus Track]
16 It Don't Make Sense [Bonus Track]

Stay Humble's debut album There Isn't Much Time Left is now available on iTunes and on!

You can listen to the album and check him out on Reverbnation here:

CLICK HERE for FREE DOWNLOAD of John the Baptist - The Genesis EP!